Eagle Lake Ontario fishing Reports

October 26, 2022
Ontario, Canada s #1 Hunting


Feel at home

Here at Andy Myers Lodge we understand the camaraderie that comes with fishing and hunting. We hold our daily seminars in the Main Lodge to further your skills and show you the spots to make your fishing and hunting trip an exciting one. At our main lodge, you can enjoy a superb American breakfast and evening meals in our dining room overlooking Eagle Lake. After a long day in the outdoors. We want you to feel comfortable while staying in one of our cabins, you’ll be provided with a very casual feel.

As of spring 2013, Andy Myers Lodge is under the new ownership of Julian Kalka and Nicky Pollard. With Julian’s 10+ years experience as a pro guide on eagle lake and with both Nicky’s and Julian’s 19+ years of experience on the operations side of running a camp, they have brought renewed vigor and enthusiasm to Andy Myers Lodge. With Steve Herbeck and the entire pro staff guide team now fully focused on putting guests on big fish and Julian and Nicky at the helm of operations, Andy Myers Lodge will firmly hold its position as the top fishing camp in Ontario. We look forward to taking things to the next level and providing our guests with the trip of a lifetime.

Whether you’re a father and son looking to bond or old friends looking for the ultimate outdoors vacation, we have some of the best lodging Accommodations that Ontario Canada has to offer. We pride ourselves on providing world class fishing and hunting experiences along with world class lodging accommodations with our Eagle Lake lodging vacations. Call us today to book your reservation!

The main lodge, where the seminars are held and socializing is done in the evenings, is complete with fireplace, satellite TV and DVD, pool table, dart board, Foosball, and plenty of tables and chairs for your favorite card game or swapping fishing stories.

Enjoy a superb American Plan breakfast and evening meals in our dining room overlooking Eagle Lake. After a long day in the outdoors, your appetite seems to double and our mouth-watering home cooked meals are all you can eat. Our housekeeping guests are also invited to relax and enjoy dining with us in casual comfort. The cabins are hand-built with virgin logs to give you the conveniences of home yet maintain the rustic, rugged appeal of the Canadian wilderness.

Our 16 1/2 and 18 foot aluminum boats are deep, wide and equipped with 25 and 50 HP motors for dependability with your safety and comfort in mind. They are fully equipped with swivel seats, minnow buckets, paddles, cushions, and landing net. The 18 foot boats are for guided parties or available as an upgrade.

boats-on-dockIf you bring your own boat, we will help you launch and provide you with a safe, secure spot on our new 180 foot sheltered dock and provide you with electricity for your battery charger. Either way, we make sure your boat is always gassed up and your bait bucket is full so you’re ready to go. When you return for the day, your catch is photographed, filleted, wrapped and frozen, all complimentary.

Guides are available upon pre-arrangement and their services can really help make your trip a memorable one. Guide boats are 21′-21.5′ foot Lund/Tuffy/KingFisher with 115HP 150HP 175HP 200HP 250HP Yamaha/Mercury motors and fully equipped for efficiency and comfort.

Fly-ins are made to remote lakes daily from our dock and are included or available with all packages. Our staff is second to none and are there to serve you with a smile.

4WD Guided Safaris are made to many remote lakes, which are full of adventure and excitement.

Our staff is second to none and are there to serve you with a smile.


Besides the great fishing, there are lots of activities to do at Andy Myer’s Lodge. Take a swim, sunbathe, canoe, take a hike or explore and enjoy the scenery and wildlife, go berry picking, or just plain relax. There is nothing quite like sitting down near the lake listening to the loons call or the wind whispering to you as it flows through the tree tops. Come and enjoy!


Extensive Fishing Instruction Program, Nightly Rap Sessions and Updates, Map Marking and Seminars to get you on fish and familiar with our waters.

  • Service with a Smile!
  • Lodge with Satellite TV
  • Game Room, Fireplace
  • Dining Hall
  • Tackle & Bait Shop
  • Electricity
  • Fishing Instruction Seminars
  • 280′ of Sheltered Pier with
    Battery Charging
  • Portable Depth Finders (Optional)
  • Trolling Motors (Optional)
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Shore Lunch Kits
  • Unlimited Ice
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Trout Fishing Lake Eagle Ontario - Andy Myers Lodge
Trout Fishing Lake Eagle Ontario - Andy Myers Lodge
Musky, Walleye & Bass Fishing Trips Eagle Lake Ontario
Musky, Walleye & Bass Fishing Trips Eagle Lake Ontario ...
Eagle Lake, Ontario
Eagle Lake, Ontario
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