Lake Ontario beaches

October 21, 2022
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Ontario's top beaches draw plenty of vacationers every year.Ontario's top beaches draw plenty of vacationers every year. (Photo: Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images )

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Ontario's beaches are a mainstay of summer vacation in the eastern Canadian province that borders four of the Great Lakes, Hudson Bay and James Bay. There are plenty of beaches in provincial and national parks, as well as near cities. Ontario's south coast, in particular, offers miles of beaches to explore and enjoy, as well as clean water to swim in.

Sauble Beach

Named the No. 1 beach in Canada by "Macleans" magazine, Sauble Beach has a pristine shoreline that draws in hoards of beachgoers every year. The beach sits along the shoreline in Bruce County on Lake Huron, where the shallow waters and sugar sand combine for the perfect beach experience.

Grand Bend and Bayfield

Located in Huron County on Lake Huron, Grand Bend beach and Bayfield are part of the 60 miles of golden sand that becomes a hot spot during the summer months. The soft sand beaches are great for lounging and people watching, and there are plenty activities on land and in the water. Each town has its own main strip to stroll when visitors need a break from sunbathing.

Port Stanley

Port Stanley is a fishing village in Elgin County on Lake Erie with two different beaches available: the Main beach and Little Beach. Main beach stretches more than a mile long and has plenty of space to sunbathe, build sandcastles or play volleyball. Little Beach is quieter and much more secluded, with shallow waters and soft sand. It's great for families with small children.

Pinery Provincial Park

The Pinery Provincial Park, located on Lake Huron in Lambton Country, is home to the world's third largest active sand dune ecosystem. Mainly used by campers at the Pinery, this beach stretches for nearly five miles and has a boardwalk beach access.

Port Dover

Another popular beach along Lake Erie and two hours drive from Toronto, Port Dover beach on Ontario's southern coast has plenty of festivals and events, sailboats, fresh fish and waterfront bars. The most popular festival is held on any Friday the 13th, when North American motorcycle enthusiasts flock to the port town.

Owen Sound

Owen Sound is another small town in Ontario, this one located a short driving distance from Sauble Beach. Owen Sound is an excellent locale for salmon fishing, sailing and scuba diving in Tobermory Park. Kelso beach fronts the Georgian Bay and is well-maintained with washrooms, a playground and a picnic shelter.

Kiwanis Park

Kiwanis Park is a clean, safe man-made lake in the city of Kitchener. The water is shallow and safe for young children, with a naturally sloped beach entry. Drop-in swim lessons are available, and there are also nature trails, a beach volleyball court and picnic areas nearby.

Greater Fort Erie

The Greater Fort Erie area has plenty of beaches and shorelines on Lake Erie. Crescent Beach, at the end of Crescent and Edgemere Roads, is a quiet area with free parking. Waverly Beach has woodland trails, a sandy beach, and the remains of the historical Waverly Beach pool and dance hall.

Port Colborne

Port Colborne is a city on Lake Erie that has 19 beaches available for visitors. As a part of the Niagara region in southern Ontario, these beaches range from secluded to a drive-on beach. Nickle Beach provides great sunbathing, swimming and windsurfing.

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