National Park on Lake Erie

November 1, 2022
Lake Erie, Point Pelee
Sunset over Lake Erie from Lake Erie Bluffs - photo by greennite

Lane Road entrance
3301 Lane Road
Perry Township, OH 44081
Lon: 81°11'1.15"W
Lat: 41°47'0.801"N

Clark Road entrance
2901 Clark Rd.
Perry Township, OH 44081
Lon: 81°10'27.076"W
Lat: 41°47'17.731"N

Many Northeast Ohioans recognize the value of Lake Erie. Now they have a park that features this natural wonder in Lake County’s front yard.

Park hours: 6 am to 11 pm


600 acres. Hiking trails. A reservable three-season shelter with views of Lake Erie. Three scenic overlooks. Two access points for access to natural beach. Fishing. Picnic tables, Restrooms.

No lifeguard on duty; swim at your own risk. Kayaks may enter and exit the lake from the beach, but it will require carrying equipment to and from the parking lot. Always use caution when paddling on Lake Erie and check the marine forecast prior to entering the water.


Photo: New shelter at Lake Erie Bluffs - Lane Road - photo by greenniteFrom the East: Take Route 20 to Lane Road in Perry Township. Turn right (north), and follow Lane Road to the park. Entrance to the park will be on the right (east).

From the West: Take Route 2 East to where it ends and becomes Route 20. Follow Route 20 to Lane Road in Perry Township. Turn left (north), and follow Lane Road to the park. Entrance to the park will be on the right (east)

Clark Road Entrance

From the East: Take Route 20 to Perry Park Perry Twp. Turn right (north), and follow PerryPark Rd. to Clark Rd. Turn left (west) onto Clark Rd. Entrance to the park will be on the right (north).

From the West: Take Rt. 2 East to where it ends and becomes Route 20. Follow Route 20 to Blackmore Rd. Turn left (north) and follow Blackmore Rd. until it ends. Turn right (east) onto Clark Rd. Entrance to the park will be on the left (north).


Located on Lane Road in Perry Twp., on the shores of Lake Erie. The year-round shelter capacity is 74. Shelter has fireplace and electricity.

Park offers flush type restrooms, picnic tables, hiking trails, three scenic overlooks, reservable tent campsite and access to the Lake Erie shoreline.

  • Reserve by phone (440-358-7275) or in person only
  • For weddings or private events, call 440-639-7275 x1913

Lake Erie Bluffs is nationally significant: The 600-acre Lake Erie Bluffs property permanently protects a significant amount of wetland, meadow and mostly undeveloped lakefront habitat used by rare and common plant and animal species.

Amazingly, the property remains largely unspoiled by previous development. The mix of 40-foot high beach bluffs and open sandy and cobble beach across 9, 000 feet of shoreline are the site’s dominant features. The beach area hosts trees, shrubs and small plants including the majority of the park’s rare plants.

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