Map of Lakes in Ontario

July 29, 2019
Detailed map of the Lake

Fishing mapbookBackroad Mapbooks fishing map books are jam-packed with everything you need to know to fish a given region of BC or Ontario. Each fishing map book contains detailed fishing maps and lake and river charts for waterbodies throughout the region, detailing fish species, local tips and techniques, provincial fishing regulations, and more!

Get customized Backroad Mapbooks lake and river charts for your fishing spot of choice. These detailed bathymetric charts show you the contours of the underwater terrain, to help you scope out your fish species of choice. View hot spots, access points and physical attributes for fishing lakes and rivers across BC and Ontario.


Backroad Mapbooks was founded by a pair of brothers who love to fish. Whether teasing the waters of BC’s wet west coast for a prize Chinook, or fly-fishing a sleepy Ontario lake in the fall, the team at Backroad Mapbooks is crazy about fishing. It’s only fitting that the Backroad Mapbooks series should include industry-leading fishing map books. Inside these fishing map books, you will find bathymetric lake and river charts, a wealth of fishing information, and so much more.

Fishing Maps & ChartsWhat are fishing map books?

Compiled by expert anglers, these fishing map books are brimming with treasures. Learn all you need to know about BC and Ontario fishing regulations, the fishing lakes and rivers in a given region, fish species, fishing tips and techniques, insect hatches, and more!

What are lake and river charts?

Heading out for a fishing trip and looking for the best information on your chosen lake or river? Fishing for a neat gift that the angler in your life can hang on the cabin wall? Well, look no further. Backroad Mapbooks’ customized bathymetric lake and river charts let you choose any waterbody that you would like.

Who uses our fishing maps?

Backroad Mapbooks fishing maps have been loved and trusted by Canadian anglers for years. These maps provide the inside scoop on fishing lakes, rivers, tips and techniques, with something to offer for everyone. Whether you are a seasoned angler looking for that perfect, up-to-date source with all the fishing information you need in one place, or a beginner in need of a fishing how-to, our fishing map books are here to help.

Online Map to Find Out Which Fish Species Are in Ontario
Online Map to Find Out Which Fish Species Are in Ontario ...
CL16 sailing in Toronto/two moods of Lake Ontario
CL16 sailing in Toronto/two moods of Lake Ontario
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