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November 8, 2015
List of cities on the Great

Niagara Region, located between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, is known for its fertile soil and unique climate contributing to some of the best farmland to be found anywhere and its acclaimed wine industry. The Niagara region is made up of 12 municipalities (cities, towns and townships) a short drive from one another and is home to over 430, 000 people.

Located on the border with New York State, is a popular stopover for many visitors to Canada and benefits from a thriving tourism industry. Celebrated as the honeymoon capital of the world, the romance of the falls and the lush Niagara Region capture 12 million tourists a year.

Visitors from around the world travel to the Niagara Region to see the many attractions, from the breathtaking Horseshoe Falls to world-class theatre performances and historic Fort George. The wine route boasts some of the best wineries in the province and provides a picturesque welcome for visitors to the area.

Niagara region benefits from a spectacular natural setting with an abundance of walking and cycling trails making iit a desirable place to live. Visit the Niagara Region municipal immigration portal to find information about living and working in the great region.


Niagara's 12 distinct and vibrant communities each offer its own unique choice of recreational and educational opportunities.

Niagara Region, its communities and housing:
District Fort Erie Grimsby Lincoln Niagara Falls Niagara-on-the-lake Pelham
Proximity to Toronto 153 km 82 km 91.5 km 128.3 km 128 km 127.7 km
Average house price* $184, 884 $312, 345 $298, 011 $204, 736 $371, 298 $315, 538
Niagara Region, its communities and housing (cont.):
Port Colborne St. Catharines Thorold Wainfleet Welland West Lincoln
147 km 111 km 118 km 127 km 133 km 97.5 km
$168, 000 $216, 503 $207, 906 not available $182, 354 $274, 287

*Single detached dwelling

This is a picture of Niagara vineyards Population size of Niagara Region:

430, 000 residents

Major industries in Niagara Region:

Services sector

Climate in Niagara Region:
Average temperatures January July
Years: 1971-2000 -4.5C 22.3C
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